Positive Thinking and Conditioned Existence

We all view the world the way we do because of our conditioned existence. We are being reconditioned every second of every moment of every day. We judge, act and react based on what we learn from society around us. Have you ever said or done something because that’s what you were “taught” to do, but had a little inkling of a feeling inside of you that how you acted just “wasn’t quite right?”

We defy our natural state all of the time because of our conditioned existence – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Live freely. Do what feels right. That might sound cliche but really break that sentence down “Do.What.Feels.Right.” That is all you have to do to live a happy life and to create positive karma.

Energy can not be created or destroyed. We are all energy. That means we have all existed since the beginning of time (whenever that was). We have YEARS of conditioned existence that we fight against each and every day, but our natural free and loving state wants desperately to break through. Take a step back in each moment and listen to yourself.

Your thoughts become your actions and your actions become your reality. Thoughts create karma. Karma is the energy of the universe. We all need to work together to transform ALL of the energy in the universe to positive energy.

“We think, therefore we are” – Peter Crowther

Your thoughts become the reality that we live in. They create our conditioned existence and our conditioned existence is created by our thoughts. Help to break the chain of pain, hate, discrimination and misunderstanding.

Think positively.


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