Challenge Accepted


I wake up everyone morning excited about life! (ok, maybe not on mornings when it’s early and I didn’t want to get up yet) BUT once I am awake I am excited to experience another day. I can’t wait to help people, to put a smile on someone’s face – on everyone’s face! I can’t wait to light up the room, to be a shoulder to cry on, a friend to talk to. I can’t wait to make a difference, to hold a door open, to talk to everyone!

Then I get out of bed.

And my dogs start barking.

And my car makes a funny noise.

And my boyfriend and I argue about something trivial.

And I get stuck in traffic and almost ran over by every bad driver in town.

And I am late for work.

And my boss gives me too much work.

And I interact with people.

And experience bad customer service.

And have to help rude people.

And when I finally make it back home to my couch, I let out a deep breath and unwind. And go to bed.

Then it’s morning and I am excited to do it all over again! Because I woke up again! I was blessed with another day of life! Despite all of the things that just might piss me off today, I have been given another day to try and keep a smile on my face and make a difference in the world.

And that is awesome.

I accept the challenge. Come at me world.


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