You are going to die tomorrow

You are going to die tomorrow. You will never see your family again, but they will continue to celebrate holidays together after you are gone. You will never hang out with your friends again, they will find new friends after you are gone. You will never get to play catch with your dog again, but hopefully someone else will.

The outfit you bought at the mall yesterday will never be worn again and your savings account never be spent – at least not by you. The car you drive will stay where you last parked it, until someone else gets to use it to get from point A to point B.

The fight you had with your girlfriend yesterday will not ever be mended. You will never get to prove that you were right. Not that it matters. Because you will be dead. Your ego will be gone. You will have nothing left to prove. In fact, you will have nothing left. But the world will go on, traffic will still be there on Monday morning. Food will still be cooked and eaten. Everyone will still be going out on Friday night. But you won’t be.

But if you did it right, your memories will live on. People will remember your smile, and your positive attitude. Hopefully. Or will they remember your grumpiness? They’ll remember all the things you did for others. Or will they remember your selfishness? Others will continue to live a long and happy life because you took a moment to care and to make a difference. Or not.

Tomorrow You, as the world knows You, will cease to exist and all that will be left is your energy. It will spread with the wind until it clings to and becomes another life form. Will your energy pollute the world with hate and anger? Or will you bring smiles to everyone that feels you blow across their skin, as they are comforted by a random feeling of joy and love?

You are going to die tomorrow. What will you do today? How will you spend your last hours?

And if by chance you do not die tomorrow.

Make sure you read this again.



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