What I love about CrossFit

You know what I love about Crossfit? I love that in every class, everyone tries something new. They try for more weight, they try for a faster time, they try for a PR (personal record). I love this because I wish that people would try for a PR in their life everyday.

Why are people so eager to try new things in CrossFit but not in life?

Well I suppose that’s because in CrossFit if you try to lift a heavier weight and can’t do it, all you do is drop the bar and try again.

If you fail to reach a faster time, that’s ok, you still did it. And next time you’ll just try again.

We need to realize that it’s ok to drop the bar in life and its ok to not always be the best – just as long as you try, and keep trying.



One thought on “What I love about CrossFit

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