The “me, me, me” mentality

When did we begin this “me, me, me” mentality? When did we start to disassociate ourselves with people from other countries? How often do you hear about a bomb killing 5, 10, even 100 people in another country – and you don’t think twice about it? Had that happened in America it would be on the news for days, covering Facebook, everyone would change their profile pictures “in remembrance of”. People in other countries are people too. They breath, eat, sleep, live, love, laugh, just like us. Why are there tragedies any less “tragic”?

I hear people say “we’ve gotta take care of our own first, stop helping other countries!” The majority of the people in those other countries were placed there by the universe – just as I was placed in America, and you wherever you are. Most of us didn’t choose the country we belong to, some of us just got lucky.

Whether a person is hungry here in America or in Africa – all that changes is their location, they are still human and they still need our help.

The next time you read an article like the one below titles “Blast in Baghdad cafe kills at least 27” – don’t just pass by it like it is an update in the weather. Recognize that a human life has been lost and send a little love out into the universe.

Blast in Baghdad cafe kills at least 27


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