Are you a doer?

Don’t be a talker. Be a doer.

I take that back – dont be JUST a talker, be a doer too!

Reasons it’s good to talk about your dreams:

1) People will hold you accountable “Didn’t you say you were gonna quit smoking?” “Didn’t you say you were gonna apply for that job?”

2) You gotta put it out to the Universe. Think about it, envision it, talk about it – all of those are actions that will become reality! Just don’t forget to go out and do something, you can look at pictures of paradise, wear your bathing suit and talk about the beach all day long, but until you buy a plane ticket you’re not gonna get there.


Help us, help others Campaign

My husband and I are moving to Hawaii to open a Krav Maga and CrossFit facility. We are going out there not to chase worldly pleasures of paradise, but with a single focus of helping as many people as possible. Through helping people, helping them live a healthier lifestyle, giving them the gift of peace of mind through self defense, and volunteering both our mind and our physical strength to making the Island a more beautiful place, will we find our happiness. Our plan is to positively help and impact as many peoples lives as possible for the rest of our days on earth. We are going out there to abandon the rat race that society says is normal, in a quest to begin to truly live.

We have been fortunate enough to run a Krav Maga/CrossFit business for the last 3 years in Austin, TX and are ready to open our own now!

Donate now for a chance to win a 7 day all expenses paid trip to Hawaii!

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