Here’s your chance to be on a reality show! On Mars?

Mars One will start accepting applications this July for anyone 18 or older who wants a one way ticket to Mars to star in a reality show!

Would you do it?

Mars one recruiting volunteers in July one way trip to the red planet



Scaredy Cat! Ya, I said it

I could do my job asleep, backwards, and upside down. I am good at it. In fact, I am great at it. I get things done. I know where everything is, I know all the right answers and I love … Continue reading

Watch this video for a FREE 7 day trip to Hawaii!

My husband and I are moving to Hawaii to open a Krav Maga and CrossFit facility. We are going out there not to chase worldly pleasures of paradise, but with a single focus of helping as many people as possible. Through helping people, helping them live a healthier lifestyle, giving them the gift of peace of mind through self defense, and volunteering both our mind and our physical strength to making the Island a more beautiful place, will we find our happiness. Our plan is to positively help and impact as many peoples lives as possible for the rest of our days on earth. We are going out there to abandon the rat race that society says is normal, in a quest to begin to truly live.

We have been fortunate enough to run a Krav Maga/CrossFit business for the last 3 years in Austin, TX and are ready to open our own now!

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Kiss Me At The Campground

I want to explore the world with you.
One moment at a time.
Let’s just go! No reservations!
We’ll walk, we’ll run, we’ll sail the seven seas!
If you loose your faith, I will carry you if need be, just as long as you travel the world with me.

I want to camp and I want to swim, I want to climb and I want to watch. But only with you.
I want to explore the world with you so you can share in my wonders and joys. No words could bring back the memories the world will imprint in my mind. You must come see too.
You must feel the air and the temptations with me.

Will you kiss me at the campground by the fire while I sit in your lap, despite the ample amount of folding chairs and picnic benches?
Will you play with my hair in the sunset as we drift out at sea with my head in your lap, sun kissed and exhausted from child games in the water?
I could only hope that you may dream of walking with me through the park. Holding
my hand as we diddle daddle in no hurry to end our walk together. Just listening, avoiding bikers, unaware of other wanderers?

It’s just me and you baby.
Exploring the world.
A random weekend or Tuesday night,
I want to explore you.
Will you join me?
Or shall I assume it’s just me and the world out there?