The “not so secret” Secret

I’ve been absent in my writing lately. Mostly because we’ve had so much going on. Moving to Hawaii to chase your dreams, is all fine, beautiful, amazing and dandy. But it sure is exhausting! Needless to say, it’s been a growing experience to say the least. Anyway, since I haven’t been around to write lately, I wanted to share a fellow blogger’s post. It is beautifully written! I mean, come on guys, this stuff just makes sense. Life is short. You’ve gotta do what you love. Be happy. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s only cliche because year after year people have been saying the same things over and over. WAKE UP AND LISTEN! The answers are right in front of you. It’s like the everyone is wearing drunk goggles. If we all just calmed the waters and paid attention, the truth, the way and light to true happiness are glaringly obvious.

The Better Man Project ™

It’s not about catching up with the world, it’s about creating a life full of love and passion and having the world catch up with you. The times of having to mold ourselves into someone or something we aren’t are long gone – in fact, this may be one of the greatest lies of humanity. The belief that you have to fit in to lead a worthwhile life is a facade that shades your eyes from the truth. In many cases, it may feel that you have to be the cool person in order to gain the respect and appreciation of others, but let me tell you from personal experience – if you go out into the world, declare your purpose, and do something really ridiculously cool with your life, people will take notice and give you real respect. Respect for doing what you love and bring new ideas into…

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I Am Scared

“The number of times I succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times I can fail and keep on trying.” – Tom Hopkins

Ill be honest, I’m nervous as hell that I’m gonna make a mistake. I’ve never done any of this before.

But I’m certainly not gonna let that stop me.


Focus. And most of all BELIEVE

Focus on what you want, not how you’ll attract it.

Do you want to win the lottery? No, you want the money that comes with winning the lottery.

Do you want money? No, you want the things that money can buy.

And even then, is that really what you want? Or do you want happiness and you think money is what will make you happy?

“Declare what you really want, appreciate what you already have, be looking for opportunities, and take action when you see them. That’s where miracles begin.” – Joe Vitale

You decide

In light of the fact that I am running away into the sunsets of Hawaii and chasing my dreams of making a difference in the world, I have had many opinions expressed to me about my actions. The opinions that occur the most are as follows:

A) That is great! Go for it! More people should chase their dreams! – often followed with, “I wish I could live in Hawaii” – to which I always respond “why can’t you?”


B) How are you going to do that? Do you have a plan? Do you have a huge savings account? You don’t even know what you’re doing. You’re not being realistic.

Or something to that effect…

I just watched an AMAZING documentary called Happy.
In it is talks about the old phrase “Money brings happiness”. The documentary then goes on to explain that money only brings happiness when it provides the basic essentials – food, clothing and shelter. Once you’ve passed the basic essentials, it has been show time and time again, that continued and growing happiness does not coincide with your bank account.

For those who won’t chase their true dreams because they think that having a high paying job will bring them happiness instead – think again!

“We are put on this planet only once, and to limit ourselves to the familiar is a crime against our minds.” – Roger Ebert

The article The Four Engines of Life-Long Success by Philip Humbert goes over what really makes the successful, successful. Where you’re from, what you look like, how pretty you are, how tall you are, your race, age, gender, family history are only 10% of the equation. That leaves 90% completely up to you!

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